Renovation of the whole building was step one. Renovation of this flat which also served as a law office during the 1930s was step two.

The apartment occupies the whole floor and the office part was separated from the living part with a huge sliding door. There was also small servants quarters.

Lots of original detailing and furnishings such door, a wooden cladding around windows, radiator avers, large library, floor tile and many more was miraculously retained in a good condition. All of them were respectfully renovated and to retain as much authenticity of as possible, replicas of glass blocks or original wallpapers were installed.

In areas where no original items were salvaged, we have replaced them with the era-appropriate yet still modern equipment with an emphasis on elegance. The bathroom is cladded with light natural stone tiles, kitchen top is as simple as can be.

The whole apartment looks as if it stepped out of a black and white movie and yet it does not feel outdated or obsolete.