Family of our long term client was slowly expanding and after some time the decision was made to move into a house – specifically this beautiful traditionalist villa from the 1930s in the historic part of Košíře quarter in Prague.

Three storey villa is a part of the duplex house, which suffered with insensitive division into several smaller flats during the communist era as many other buildings did. It was also empty for several years and rapidly declining.

We are specializing exactly in such projects, where we have an opportunity to retain and elevate original quality architecture and combine it with modern elements. So we were very keen and happy to take on this job.

The building desperately needed truly complex renovation from head to toe including rejuvenation of the garden with small pond and fencing. And so we did exactly that. The bad shape of the constructions and technical installations was one thing, but the other was interior layout which had to be amended to better suit the future dwellers. It resulted in creation of two large flats – one in the first and second floor, the other in the attic, both accessible via common staircase.

Big attention was paid to the facade and the new roof, so we would not disturb the original character of the surrounding urban area with enlarged windows and added dormers. Same goes for the new fencing, which basically copied the old one.

Many original interior elements weren’t present and what was left was not really possible to refurbish, so the historic legacy continues for instance with traditional herringbone oak parquets as the original flooring was not salvageable. This is also the reason why the interior is furnished rather moderately, in simple and contemporary color and material combinations with occasional distinct accents provided by artwork or decorative rugs.

Large French windows allow a lot of light to be flooded inside, so it would be almost a shame to crowd it with too much furniture and disturb grand view in the garden. Garden itself has a little mystic but quite amazing atmosphere thanks to large luscious trees, cascading character and renewed pond. We are quite sure that sitting in the cool shade end enjoying the quiet afternoon under the trees will quickly become family favorite.