Archeological „discovery of the century“, denari treasure, finally has a dignified public display.

A new exhibit deep in the beautifully arched cellars of Pardubice chateau deserved our tender care.

The main attraction, the denari treasure, is hidden behind the safe doors and it is displayed in razor-thin cases to be viewed from all sides.

O-ring display around the column presents the history of the dollar. Visitors are led to this central area thru the playful tunnel and cleverly lit and decorated passageways with more displays and more funny trivia.

Design is based on black-white contrast to accentuate not only gold and silver coins but a myriad of colourful banknotes from all over the world.

The exhibition is aptly called „You can’t take your money to the grave“ and you might literary spend half of your life there…

For those of you with keen interest, you can find more info about the exhibition here YOU CANT TAKE YOUR MONEY TO THE GRAVE.

Photos by Jan Kuděj